The Problem: NYPD doesn't have a crime reporting app

People do not feel safe when they are outside, because they are unsure which places are safe and during what times. Many crimes of varying degrees exist and people could be scared to report anything embarrassing or seen as less important.

Only 79% of NYC residents feel somewhat safe within their neighborhoods and night.

51% of NYC residents don’t feel safe at night on the subway.

The Goal

The main goal of this app is to reduce the crime rate, decrease the amount of unreported crimes, allows everyone to go anywhere they want without being afraid, improve public safety in NYC, and maybe even expand to the entire US.

The Solution:

An app that has options to report crimes with brief descriptions linked with the crime, it would register into the police’s database, like time of day,etc.

Based on the information that is registered the app will gather statistics on which places and areas have the most crimes and what type of crimes, afterwards people will be able to view these places so they know to avoid these places and during what hours.

The app tracks a person’s location and notifies the person if the place they are currently in have really bad statistics and high crime rates.

Lets people report crimes anonymously, so more crimes can be reported without people being afraid of consequences and so any level of crime can be represented or seen by the NYPD.

Click here to visit the form and map that further explains our application!